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Shopping USA allows you access to American stores to order everything from food to clothing.
By consolidating the shipping for all our members, you save greatly vs ordering yourself or even using a shipping consolidation company

how it works

The USA has some fantastic items that you can't get in the UK and you can import them, then you often pay extortionate shipping fees.

There are forwarding companies in the US who you can send items to and they will consolidate them into a box and ship it over, but Shopping USA has gone one step further.

We have an address in the USA which we are able to use to consolidate shipments and take advantage of the price breaks that come when you ship larger weights. We ship this to our base of operation in the UK, breakdown and distribute through to UK and Europe to all our customers.


We pay all of the UK taxes for you and all the charges are included in your invoice so the price you get from us is your final price with no additional fees or hidden costs. You will get this from no other company.