What is Shopping USA?

Shopping USA is a family run, fully registered and insured UK based shopping, shipping and handling service. We shop from hundreds of US retailers for our customers and consolidate all those orders into one shipment. We ship those purchases over to the UK every fortnight, take care of all shipping fees, import charges, custom and duty fees related to those orders, so you don’t have to, and then ship out your purchases to you.

Why do I have to become a member to shop with Shopping USA?

Our membership fee is used to fully protect your purchases on their travels to your home so that if they get lost or damaged before they arrive at our shipment facility in the US or on their journey to our UK based shipment facility then they will be replaced or refunded. By charging this as a membership fee we are able to keep this charge at a nominal rate of just £2 a month (or if you order on every shipment, £1 per shipment) – less if you sign up to an annual membership - to help keep the costs of shopping from the US down.

What happens when I become a member?

Once you sign up as member of Shopping USA you will receive our new member welcome email which includes your membership number and information about accessing our customer portal, where you will be able to view order quotes, past orders and update you shipping address.

Do I have to wait for my membership number before I can order?

You can start using the Shopping USA service as soon as you join as a member, simply use your Paypal transaction ID in place of your membership number.

I’ve forgotten my membership number what do I do?

Message our Facebook or Instagram page or email us using the contact us button at the top of the page and we will be happy to help.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you no longer wish to use our service please contact us and will be happy to help. Please note that if you cancel and rejoin within 6 months, we do charge a £6 admin fee.

How do I place an order?

To place an order click on the order form button at the top of our page. You will need your membership number (or if you are a new member and haven’t received the new member welcome email yet, the transaction ID from the Paypal receipt you received when you joined up as member) to complete the form. Add the weblinks to the items you would like to order to the order form, including any information about sizes, colour options, etc in your description. Submit the order form to us and await our response.

Where can I order from?

We order from hundreds of US stores, it is probably easier to list the ones we know, at this time, we cannot order from; these are Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Target. That is not to say we won’t be able to order from these places in the future (we are always exploring new options and will keep you posted!) If you have a particular store in mind do not hesitate to contact us and we can look into it for you.

Is there anything I can’t ship?

Please find the guidance here.

Can I order from Ebay.com?

Yes, please follow the specific eBay guidance on our website.

Is there a minimum order?

No, you can order as much or as little as you like whenever you like. We will consolidate all your orders for you into one shipment to help reduce the cost of shipping.

What happens if I want to order more than 10 items?

If you wish to order more than 10 items (the number of boxes on the order form) then please submit 2 order forms and send us a message or use the contact us button to let us know you have sent 2 order forms so we can combine the 2.

Can I put items from different stores on the same order form?

Yes, we can consolidate orders from different stores into one shipment.

What happens when I’ve placed an order?

Within 24 hours of submitting your order (please allow 48 hours on a weekend) you will receive an invoice, or an order quote, from us. The quote you receive is fully inclusive of all the shipment fees, import charges, custom and duty fees and UK postage; you will not receive any extra bills or charges after you have paid the invoice. Please make sure you check the invoice particularly if you are ordering particular sizes or colour/style options, if there are any errors, please let us know immediately so we can amend the invoice. Please pay the invoice within 24 hours of receiving the it, or, message us if you would like to add to or amend it. Once you have paid your invoice, your order is placed and your items will be on their way.

The item I ordered costs £X when I converted it using the exchange rate for today, why does it cost more on my invoice?

Your invoice includes ALL of the shipping fees, import taxes, customs and duty fees that would normally be sent to you as a separate bill from HMRC when your goods arrived in the UK. Unfortunately, these charges are not optional and avoidance of paying these charges can result in prosecution. When you shop with Shopping USA you can rest assured that you will be getting no ‘surprise’ bills or additional charges.

What exchange rate do you use to convert the dollar prices?

We use the exchange rate of the day based on Mastercards exchange rate.

My invoice includes a ‘US shipping charge’ what’s this?

Many US retailers offer free shipping (or free shipping over a certain amount), if you have shopped with one of those retailers you will not see this charge on your invoice. If your retailer does not offer free shipping or your order is small and does not qualify for free shipping you may see this charge. It is simply the exact charge for shipping that your retailer charges. To find out what this charge will be or how to qualify for free shipping for a particular retailer check on the retailer’s terms and conditioners or FAQs. We are always looking for ways to save you money, so if we can, we will combine your orders with others from the same retailer to see if we can qualify for free shipping on your behalf, if we can, we will not charge the ‘US shipping charge’ (or we will refund it if you have already paid it), if we can’t, the shipping charge will be split between all those who ordered so will still be less than if you had ordered on your own.

Can I shop ‘Flash sales’ using Shopping USA?

Absolutely, however, please send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram page when you submit the order to let us know that the item is in a flash sale so that we can fast track your invoice. Please pay your invoice promptly as we can only order when the invoice is paid.

I’ve already paid for an order, if I put in another order will I have to pay UK postage again?

This would depend on when you placed the previous order and if that item has already shipped from our US shipping facility. If the first order has not shipped from the US shipping facility and the second order arrives at the shipment facility before the first order leaves (so they are both at the US shipment facility at the same time), then there will be no additional UK postage charge and we can combine both shipments when they arrive. If the first order has left the US shipment facility already, or the second order arrives after the first has left the shipment facility, we will not be able to combine the orders and you will have to pay the UK postage charge again.

What happens if the item I want has sold out?

If the item has sold out before you have paid let us know and we can remove it from your invoice. If it sells out after you have paid but before we have placed the order then you will receive a refund for that item (if the sell out means you wish to cancel the entire order, lets us know and we can refund the entire order providing it has not been placed). If you can find the item through another retailer, or would like to choose a different option, then do let us know and we can amend your invoice. We cannot guarantee that items that are sold out will come back in stock but, in our experience, particularly with larger retailers like Amazon and shopDisney, retailers do restock quite frequently so do keep checking to see if your item does come back in stock and let us know.

I’ve put the wrong size on the order, help?

If you have put the wrong size prior to paying the invoice then let us know and we can amend the invoice. If you realise you have put the wrong size after paying the invoice lets us know immediately; if we have not placed the order then we can amend the size, if we have placed the order than it will be up to the discretion of the individual retailer and in line with their terms and conditions whether we can make a change and if there is a charge for it; it will be your responsibility to pay any cancellation or amendment charges if there are any. Once the item has shipped from the retailer you will not be able to make any changes. It is your responsibility to make sure you have consulted the size guides attached to the product you are ordering to make sure you are purchasing the correct size before placing the order and check your invoice thoroughly when you receive it to make sure it is correct.

Can I cancel an order I have placed and paid for?

Orders that have not been paid for can be cancelled at any time. Once orders have been paid for please contact us; if we have not placed the order it can be cancelled with no charge. If we have placed the order it will be up to the discretion of the individual retailer in line with their terms and conditions whether we can make changes or cancel the order and if there is a charge for it; it will be your responsibility to pay any charges if there are any charges for cancellation or amendment. Once the item has shipped from the retailer you will not be able to cancel any orders

How long does it take to receive the items I ordered?

When you receive your order will depend on:
US shipping and whether the item you ordered has reached our US based shipment facility by the time we make our shipment. We would suggest you look at information related to delivery times on the individual retailer’s website (specifically taking into account any delays because of coronavirus or national holidays) to work out when your items will arrive at our shipment facility.
Our shipments schedule. We ship orders from the US to the UK every two weeks at the middle and the last day of the month. We ship everything that has reached our shipment facility at that time. If your item reaches our shipment facility a day or two after our shipment then your item will wait in the shipment facility until the next shipment, this means, at most, items could be waiting 13 days in our shipment facility until the next shipment.
International shipping delays. In most circumstances we receive our shipments within 5 days, however, if shipments are held up in customs, or there are national delivery delays due to staff shortages (for example during the coronavirus), it can take up to 14 days for us to receive our shipments.
Our processing time. We aim to process all shipments within 2 working days of receiving our shipment but please allow extra time between Black Friday and Christmas as we experience increased demand.
UK delivery delays and the service you choose. We offer two different delivery options, Hermes for orders of values under £40 and APC for orders over £40. Hermes deliveries take between 3 – 5 working days (although please allow extra time in light of current circumstances). APC is a next working day delivery service to most parts of the UK. Should you wish to upgrade your Hermes delivery service to APC do let us know at the time of ordering. We currently do not offer a Saturday delivery service.
As a general rule please allow 3-5 weeks to receive your order but we do post regular updates on shipment and delivery times as well as updates on orders received at our US and UK shipment facilities on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Do I get tracking to follow my order?

We provide tracking for items shipping from our UK shipment facility to your home. Please follow our Facebook, Instagram pages and your order tracking in your account on our website for information on orders reaching our US shipping facility and UK customs clearance.

My item doesn’t fit what can I do?

If the retailer allows returns, items can be returned to the US but this is wholly at your cost. We often find it is more cost effective for you to resell the item in the UK – very often these items are sought after here and usually have no trouble selling – and then reordering the correct size. It is your responsibility to make sure you order the correct size by checking the size guidance offered by the individual retailer and making sure the size is correct on your invoice before paying.

The item I received is damaged what should I do?

We inspect all items to the best of ability (if items are in packaging we don’t open the packaging) before they leave our UK shipment facility to try to prevent you from receiving damaged goods (if we find your goods are damaged during our quality inspection then we will contact both you and the retailer to arrange a refund or a replacement), however, if you do receive a damaged item then please contact us immediately. If we require the item is returned to us, please provide us with all the original packaging.

What happens if my item gets lost?

All our shipments from and within the US and from and within the UK are insured against loss and damage. If it is lost within the US or between the US and the UK shipment facility we will contact you and the retailer to arrange a refund or a replacement. If the item is lost between our UK shipment facility and your home let us know so we can start the refund or replacement process.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship to most European countries please contact us to discuss shipping charges for your particular country.